Miracle healing prayer

by Julie (Pennsylvania)

Please pray for my mother who has not been doing well since her divorce from my father several years ago.

She needs a miracle healing, peace, and joy in her life. Help her to lean on God for all problems. Help her find her way back to God and put him first in her life. Help her do what is right and not be so angry and full of revenge.

Take away the darkness in her life. Lead her to joy and peace in her life. Help her find a way out of the mess she has made of her life because of her anger. Help her on a new enlightened path to God so she can have peace in her heart. Help her in all her needs.

Send her people in her life that will help lead her in the right direction. Heal her mind and body so she can come back to the mother I remember as a child. Take away her anger and give her peace.

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