miracle healing needed

by Anca (Nyc)

Please pray for my mother and I; we are both afflicted w the same heart condition where it can not be detected by doctors and it has affected us both mentally and physically including our sight. It pains me terribly to see my mother slowly deteriorate in all aspects possible and at the same time it scares me to death to think that after having been to the emergency room and recently to a cardiologist they could detect nothing yet each day I feel worse and worse and can do nothing but stand by as my mother declines due to this heart irregularity which is causing hypoxic injuries to the both of us. I just can’t understand why doctors seem not to be able to find any anomalies in either of our cardiac workup. Daily I feel either pain or burning in my chest, have no energy and the littlest effort triggers an episode and there’s constant twitching which can be seen just below my diaphragm. And my mother’s lips clearly turn dark, her hands turn red when below heart level and the pulse in her neck is always tready. I’ve seen the miracles of mass prayer so if you can find it in your heart please pray for us as I feel only a miracle can help us now.

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