Miracle Healing for Terry who is on Life Support

by Angela (Orange Park. FL, USA)

My husband Terry was diagnosed only 3 weeks ago with adenocarcinoma of the lung that has spread to his neck. He had flu like symptoms and went to the ER, he was immediately admitted and with a CT scan they found the mass in his chest and almost over night a large mass appeared on his neck. The mass in his neck, as it grew slowly closed his airway to the size of a pin, he struggled for 2 weeks to breath and each day he was getting less and less oxygen, when finally on Thurs evening Feb 7 they had to intubate him, they barely could get an airway tube in but did, he has now been on a ventilator for 1 week and 2 days, some of the doctors want to give up but I refuse too. He had 4 treatments of radiation and 1 Chemo treatment before the placement of the artificial airway and I insisted they continue his Chemo even though he is on life support. The other systems in his body are functioning well and his heart is strong, it is the mass in his chest and neck that we need a healing for. I ask for prayers for the Lord to perform a miracle on my loving, hard working 46 year old husband.

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  1. RIP Terry

    My husband Terry passed away on March 11. We would still appreciate prayers. The horror of what he had to go through is fresh in my mind and I pray for the day that I can remember the good memories without the nightmare of his passing clouding it. Thank You for the prayers.

  2. Praying

    I am praying for your husband. My 41 year old sister experienced the same thing 3 weeks ago! We are also in need of prayer. We believe that nothing’s too big for God and we are standing on Faith! Please, don’t give up as we are not.

  3. Prayers

    Praying for Terry in Heaven and that you are okay. Many many prayers, can’t imagine having gone through that.

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