Miracle for our lives

by Melissa (Illinois)

Dear Lord Jesus,

My heart is heavy. I am in great pain. I say here and now that I have never been a perfect person, but I have always tried to help others. Now we are facing foreclosure, the loss of our only vehicle, I cannot find the right job so that I can also be there for our daughter or any job at all and my husband and I are falling away from each other.

If I ever needed your help, Dear Lord, it is now. My parents are living with us and they do not like my husband because my husband has changed. He is disrespectful, our fights have turned him physical, he refuses to look for a job, he is speaking to other women inappropriately, he is speaking ill of me to many other people, playing a game and talking to other people rather than spend time with his family, he is not responsible with our daughter, every time he does something wrong, he justifies it and twists it around on me try to hurt me, belittle me and constantly put me down and he does whatever he wants to do. He does not show love.

There is also the issue of my health and the cyst in my breast and just being diagnosed with depression. I am embarrassed by the depression, but with all these things happening around me and no support, it is a struggle every day to try. My husband says to keep my depression to myself.

Lord, I do NOT know what path I am to take. Do I leave my husband, lose my/our house, get rid of our pets and go live with family?

Please, Lord Jesus, hear my prayer. I need a miracle for our lives. Whatever Your Will is, I beg of you to let your will be done! Please make the pathway clear. Please touch my husband’s heart, make him see all the hurt he is causing directly towards me and indirectly towards are daughter. Please put my husband back on the right path.

If my husband does not love me and will only hurt me for the rest of our lives, please let him break away from us peacefully and quickly and stop hurting us.

If my husband and I are meant to be by your will, Lord, touch his heart, open his eyes, help him back to you, make his eyes only for me, and an abundance of love for his family and his hands want to work to provide a better life for us. If this happens, let his relationship with my parent heal.

If I am meant to save this house, please let that pathway become clear.

Please help me with my health issues, to discover what they are and treat them properly so I can always take care of my daughter.

Please help me find a job that I am meant to be in so that I may always be there for my daughter.

I beg of you, Lord, help us. My heart hurts so much I do not know what to do. I love you and I honor you.