Miracle for my Mother

by Alexandra (Scottsdale, AZ, USA)

My miracle prayer request is for my mother. She is a very vibrant, educated woman in her early 60s who is devoted to faith, hope, and charity. There is nothing that she would not do to help another human being.

The events of the last few months in her (and subsequently her family’s) life have been devastating. Her mom passed away, and as her main caretaker, my mom felt a great loss at that time. She was so stressed and upset that her kidneys started to fail. So that created another issue – dealing with the idea of dialysis and transplant. 15 hours before her appt to see a specialist for transplant, she fell down 2 outdoor concrete steps and landed on her dominant eye. She lost vision completely and broke several bones around it. These have been fixed and the eye repaired, but the prognosis for vision in that eye is grim.

I feel like it has been such a torturous few months for everyone. To watch your mom suffer at such a young age is so difficult. I just want to take this all away. I want her to have the vibrancy back in her step. If there is anyone deserving of these miracles – restoration of her vision in the injured eye and restoration of her kidney function – it would be her. I feel like I’m campaigning for a candidate for office…lol…But my mom is so deserving of these miracles because she has so much to contribute to the Lord and his people on Earth. She esp has so much to contribute to her pride and joy – her granddaughter. I want them to enjoy each other as I enjoyed my grandmother. I want them to have happy memories together, and a longer life than what is expected with these 2 ailments.

We are so desperate for these miracles. Please pray for us…

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