Miracle for my Mom

by Lisa (East Haddam,Ct)

Dear Lord, Thank you for all our Blessings…I humbly pray to you for my mom. My mom is nearing 70 years old and still must work full time to make ends meet. My brothers live with her but are ill and unable to work full time. My mom has worked very hard since my dad died and I wish and pray that could finally retire. She is getting tired and it’s very hard for her, but she goes to work every single day, working for a boss who is very terrible to her, because he knows she needs her job. I pray for a miracle, because that is what it will take for my mom to retire…a miracle of a windfall so that she can enjoy the rest of her life. She has struggled financially for a very long time, most of her children have medical issues that weigh heavily on her soul. I pray for a financial miracle for my mother so that she can retire from her nasty job. Thank you Lord. your humble servant. Amen

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