Miracle for my friend…

by B (Austin)

I would like to request a miracle for something bigger than any other problem I have ever prayed for. I love my stepson and hes become very ill. I would give my right arm to see him live. He’s got soo much to live for. He’s only 12 and needs the healing touch of God for him and to touch his whole family including his father mainly. Lord, you know my heart and desires and how much I wouldn’t ask if this wasn’t important. I don’t want to see him lose his life or anything else from his father. Please help them with your miracles, plan, and understanding. I would rearrange my whole life to help in any other way. Use me as your tool God, to help with anything I can. Until he is well again, I will stay in prayer. This problem is bigger than all of our problems before this, I can’t just allow this to happen without asking for help and dedication. Only you know what is necessary for this family. I hope if nothing more you hear this prayer. Amen

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