Miracle for a lost love, career and finances

by Dino ()

Jesus Christ, you are more than just a brother but our Lord. I humbly pray that you grant my prayer for love, career and finances.

My girlfriend just broke up with me for another guy as she told me when I confronted her if there is another one. We were together for 3 years and each day I tried to love her with all I got. I wish that she would still come back to me though there seems to be a little chance now. I quite found myself guilty for what happened cause I always brag her about any other guy she might be with. You’re my only hope my Lord. I worked so hard just to fulfill my promises to her yet it came to this. I wish that she would come back.

I also pray that I can finish now my Master’s degree in Philosophy so that I can now step up to a higher level. Grant me concentration my Lord amidst the pain of breaking up. Grant me strength my Lord to work for an abundant and meaningful life. Lead me Lord to the right way so that I can pursue my wishes of getting her back, concentration for the growth of my career and a Miracle for abundance.

I love you my Lord Jesus. You know that I love you!