by Jo Anne ()

please pray for my son chris he has a ex wife robyn keeps taking him to court for child support he lost his job and she tells so many lies about him she wants $9800.00 dental medical insurance tutoring because she is failing because she is doing traveling cheer and 2 more classes and $570.00 a month he has another daughter and has a wife of 6 years she gets all the stimliumas checks claims her every year on taxes drinks cusses and now my grandaughter is very disrespectful to her daddy,step mom and me and says she does not care —- what the judge says she will do what she wants 14 year old has a boyfriend my son took her phone her mother gave her one behind his back everytime he tries to displine her they run to the atty and the court take sup for her no justice only God can take control of this she always puts my son down to everyone and turns his daughter against him please pray she settles to day and chris wins and he hardley gets to see his daughter because she put her in cheer leading and classes and she says he don’t spend time with his daughter please pray he gets her 50 50 and pray for austyn she is being bought with material things and muniplated by her mother i have prayed we have prayed it gets worst i can’t sleep at night because it is my son and my grandaughter who i love very much please pray everytime she goes to say evil things about my son God stops her in her tracks there is no justice in the court system none please please pray for this to end my son and i can’t keep taking this robyn was saved filled with Holy Ghost and turned her back on God and laughted about it this is what we are dealing with i pray she gets saved please pray for a miracle pleas

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