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I had a big fight with one of my roommate and got messy. Even though we talked afterwards and computerized each other, other person who stays with us complied to the company and things got ugly. now i have to leave the company accommodation and find a bed space nearby. I talked to one found who stays outside, and they have one best space vacant, one among them is happy to share but another one is not, so i have no idea now. today im gonna talk to him, try to convince him. Please pray fro me get a bed space soon. I had more than enough of pain and grief, i cried, i was devastated and my name has been damaged with roomers after all these. Im expecting a miracle in my life. i work away from home. i miss home and my parents and family soo much.
I need prayers for 3 things
1. I need a peaceful bed space soon, this week itself . very urgent and serious situation
2. I need a Financial Abundance Miracle Soon before July 4th 2020
3. I need to go back home and be with parents and be happy and joyful.
Help me God.
Please pray for me

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