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its for me and my family we’ve been going though a lot and it looks like my problems keep on getting worse . my grades keep on getting worse even though try its very overwhelming and I feel like I can’t keep up. I know many people my age are going through the same and I’m just hoping in the end I pass all my classes. I just don’t want any more disappointments from my parents I wish I was a good student. and my family situation isn’t so good either my parents din’t get along so well and well I just want all this to stop. especially what happened yesterday when my dad got drunk and called someone a derogatory term which he barely knew the guy. And my mom, sister and I have suffered enough. especially my mom she’s been treated horribly by my dad even though its not all the time. she’s has shed so many tears and wish her to not care anymore. my father is vey controlling with me and my sister. what happened yesterday is too much too explain but all I’m asking for your prayers I’m 16 and id like to pray for other as well. thank you read this far bless your heart!

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