Mercy Prayer Please for my children

by Sandi (USA)

Praise be to GOD always an forever. Please pray for my family. right now pray for my daughter. she is in a deep depression does nothing to help her self please pray that GOD will come into her heart. pray that she will become a mother to her daughter my grand daughter.

Please pray the selfishness of material will leave her.please pray that GOD will show her he comes first. my grand daughter is neglected. please pray my daughter will see that life is not gathering material an leaving her daughter with out the necessity of life. I’m trying to teach my daughter that GOD should rule our every aspect in life. please I ask for mercy right now.all I know to do is continue in GODS word an pray for her. pray her heart will open to JESUS.

I’m truly at my wits end. please pray these needs now. Mercy GOD I pray.

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