Mending Marriage

Blessed Lord,

You create things to breathe, survive, and function together. Help my parents do the same with each other. Give them the strength tot get through each day together as one unit. You put each other together in good and bad, and sickness and in health with one of them not having a job, let them lean on each other and know that You are with the guiding them.

Please lift the burden of this argument off of them and let them see You in each other. Help them to mend the emotional distance that is between them so that they may come together as one. Please Lord, Save my family and help them bring close together. Give me peace in my family and bless the marriage of my parents. Please grant me Your graces and see that my parents are well with each other and can look at each other and see home, not anger.

I humbly put my faith in You because I know You will not let us down.

Watch over them Lord.

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