Mend us so we can together do Gods will

by Kat (New Zealand)

Dearest God

I know I have been unwell with intense grief and made some foolish mistakes in my relationship by not putting him first and by not realising how sensitive he is. I have hurt him so much unintentionally and now he doesn’t want to see me or hear from me.

Hear how sorry I am dear Lord and soften his heart and heal his heart so that he is able to see that I love him and will not treat him like that ever again. I have learnt my lessons. Let him find forgiveness in his heart and restore our love so that it can take root and grow once more. I tried to put things right in God’s eyes but my man has withdrawn into himself.

Help him heal and feel well again so that he will contact me and we can talk as communication is healing. Help him come back to me and to Love me. I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. I know our love is beautiful and precious. Help me to smile and laugh again and be reunited for ever. Amen

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