Mend this Marriage

by Kathleen ()

Please Lord,

I need you to please mend the marriage of my parents. I need you to feel the love of my parents and see the hurt they are going through. please do not let them die, let them fall back together and let them remember their vows to each other. Please let them mend this marriage, and their relationship be set at ease.

Please Sacred Heart, let them be in Your heart and let them be in Your heart forever. Please do not let them start with the hurtful words of life, and do not let them shut the doors on each other. Let the words they have be open, and clear. Let them have a marriage. Let them fix the mess. Do not let them fail God, PLEASE I need you to help them. I need you to mend them and I need you to mend their relationship. Please Do not let them end their marriage please! I need you

Sacred Heart I love you, and I need you take my intention and put in Your heart.
Forever and always,

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