Mend my heart with or without him

by SJBM (El Paso, Texas)

Dear St.Jude,

You have been my mother’s most glorified patron of cases in despair. I also thank you for listening to me and advocating in my behalf! I love you St. Jude for assisting us with your aid. I am truly in so much pain! My heart hurts so much and I don’t know what to do! I thank God for all of his blessings for my daughter and my parents; my sisters and all family. My health, safety, car, warm home, food, dog, and keeping our family in tact. Sometimes I feel like I need help in prayer and I ask you for as much help you can give me in my situation right now. I feel lost I am trying so hard to keep it together and I don’t know what to do with my heart pounding with extreme ache! What do I do? Please help me figure out how I can feel better and mend my heart from such a loss of my boyfriend who I thought was the one. It seems so silly but I don’t know why I can’t sleep focus or eat . Please St.Jude hear my prayer. I ask for healing,positive change, and strength to move on in my love life with or without him. Thank you and I love you!!!!! ‘” -sjbm 🙁

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