Mend my family and help my son

by Cynthia ()

Last year I had to put my dad in a nursing home and he went voluntarily. He and I were sharing a 2 bdr duplex apt. and once he moved I realized I couldn’t handle the bills on my own. I moved in with my brother and step mom. Things were smooth for about 3 months then my niece and her friend started picking on me about anything they could come up with. I snapped at them. Thomas shrugged it off. He despises drama. Well I started ignoring them over time until I had enough. Well enough had hit overload mid month this month. Thomas came at me like I started it when I was just trying to get to the bottom of what was said. He said said some things that were very very HURTFUL. I have forgave him for it because we are supposed to do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe he has in a way realized what happened has caused a riff in our relationship but never in the love I have for my brother. This RIFF has caused a depression in his mom. She was already beginning to show signs but when I saw her just mere days after I left she had a sadness about her. This is not good for her with Congestive Heart Failure.
Sorry I wrote out my life story but in order for me to explain the prayer request I needed to put details as to what it was needed for.

So I come to you asking you to touch my brother and help him with the way he approaches everyone/everything in life. He has the apperance of having no conscience and treats almost everyone the same. His daughter does her own thing and gets by with it. No repercussions. N.O.N.E.
Please pray for help for(Mom) Thomas’s Mom to keep her wits about her when getting upset, this doesn’t help her any . Pray for me for I am in the middle of moving and adjusting to being alone most of the time. I don’t like alone. Pray for me to reconnect with my friends. I guess I have isolated myself from them.
Pray for my children in all they h ave going. They’re all struggling one way another.

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