Mend love back together between Father&daughter

by Tonya (Wilmington De)

Heavenly Father I take refuge in you knowing you can do all thing’s and all things you created and im truly grateful of your love you have giving us your son I come to you concerning fathers and daughter bonds love an reconnection for the enemy wants to Divide and conquer love in family values so im coming to you with expectation knowing you will touch the heart of the father your son and revive him with understanding truth and clarify things to him keep the fathers heart mind body and soul as your daughter Just wants her father’s Love a bond that was never teared apart touch the fathers mind and anything that is puluting his mind words from his wife friends whom ever it maybe cease every word to turn a father heart away from His daughter every tactic force lies to cause a fathers to stop caring and love his own to be cancelled right now in Jesus name cast it back into the lake of unforgiveness to rebuild a fathers and daughters Bond right now in you I know this to shall pass in Christ Jesus Name Amen

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