Memory and history

by Alexandra ()

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a horrible memory and it not much better now than all my years of having awful memory. Please strengthen pray to God that my memory is streghtened. I question if memory really does get better over time or if it’s fixed… but in either case majority of people I know have memories that exceed mine. And, in addition, I question why God put me on a specific childhood path… throughout my entire childhood I kept moving from school to school, grew increasingly more depressed and less strong and had an incredibly hard time making friends through much rejection I isolated myself and didn’t see the point in getting to know other people. Fast forward to the future, I’ve had people want to communicate with me but only to see that I didn’t spend much time to build my own identity and nurture passions. And, to be honest with you if it wasn’t for certain drives in my life I probably wouldn’t be going to college… my life would have gone done horribly. I don’t understand why it took all of theses years to learn the life lesson that people start to explore in their adolescent.
Thank you for your pray.

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