Meet My Needs Dear Savior

by Sharon (Canada)

Lord I sit here in silence, and hoping for your Grace and Mercy to sustain me in My final hopes of your meeting my financial needs at this time. I can no longer complete the tasks after almost 30 years of repetitive work, and with my shoulder tears I am now limited to lengthy hours of working with my arms, I have tried to receive benefits to sustain me in this world. and now I have come to my last desperate plea for your blessings upon my life. I am not asking for endless amounts of riches for material things,, but only that you would make my worry of money matters towards the necessities I need to pay for in my life and home. I now am faced to give up my home and assets without a job or way to support myself, and as a single woman I know you saved me as your bride. Please remember me now once again.

Please don’t leave me in poverty and in dought., in your son Jesus blessed name, hear my cry. Sharon

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