Me and my family and needs a prayer

by Maureen ()

Thank you Lord for the prayer request I surely surely needed that and my good days my dark days sometime I just feel so depressed sometimes I don’t know oh Lord I know you got got you and my family and my hands no matter what I may be facing I may be going through or in your eyes you know we always count on you father God just keep me and my family in emergency breakthrough prayer we need you today Lord I need emergency break through my daughter’s my son my whole family for money and needs let my lottery come out Lord so I can pay all my credit debt and bills off and have a free conscious I’m tired of being this way Lord like everything just not going good with me but I’mma put it all in your hands Lord let you take ever going on and going wrong father God constantly keep me and my family in emergency breakthrough prayer we need you right now Lord open Magic doors for me and my daughters my son’s my grandkids keep us all in under your wings keep my daughter-in-law I don’t know what’s going on with her she blocked me for not seeing my grandkids father God just lay and mergency hand on her she needs you bad too keep all my family emergency breakthrough prayer father God in Jesus Holy Name hallelujah hallelujah thank you Lord thank you as we going out journey everyday thank you for letting us see a new day and we cast everything in your hand Lord in Jesus Holy Name constantly keep my dad Charlie Solomon my family in Newark New Jersey and in need of a prayer Lord and Jesus holy name holy holy name amen amen

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