Me and my family and needs a prayer

by maureen ()

Deer God precious God asking you to keep look up me and my family keep us under your Wings Lord lifetime as we go on that Journey every day every year every second every minute as we travel up the major danger highways Lourdes your father God keep us all in the need of prayer we all need a bills paid up you all going to need a money father God if you hear me out loud Lord answer my prayers today about me and my family we need you today we need you lifetime Lord need money to pay all our credit debt and bills off tired being broke and father God keep my baby girl in prayer 4 jobs in New Jersey even though she have a job in Pennsylvania let it reach out somebody called and said come in for a job interview in New Jersey and I thank you for that prayer Lord thank you Life Time Lord keep my grandbabies and prayer Life Time Lord my son’s in prayer God keep my oldest daughter and prayer Lord that they will bring a mortgage back down test 600 a month not 1200 a month and father God I need you in a prayer to pay all my credit debt and bills off let it be today that my lottery come out I’m tired of being broke to also while we all is and father God I ask you surround all our homes cuz every bad demon devil Spirit as an into our homes and your name Jesus thank you thank you Lord keep so nation and prayer laws we love you we need you right now right now thank you thank you Lord thank you thank you break the chain for every bad spirit that into our home cast it out and upon your name Hallelujah God send your angels around it all our vehicles cast out any bad spirit as they get behind the wheel there’s nothing like you Lord you are wake up call morning afternoon and evening and at night I need you right now lifetime father God cast out every bill collectors calling my phone a song you break the chain from me to hit this lottery I want pay everybody I will never go back and do it again Lord and your name and your mighty name let it be it today let my lottery come out in Jesus mighty name in Jesus holy name no I’m crying out to you for an emergency breakthrough help we all needed United me today Lord in Jesus name we thank you we thank you we love you and praise you we worship you life to you Lord let it be today Lord in Jesus name we’re thank we go glorify you there’s none like you Lord in Jesus name thank you thank you thank you thank you lifetime Lord amen amen amen

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