May you help me to believe that love doesn’t go ungranted

by Mercy (America)

Dear Lord our God,

Thank you for all you have done and all you will do, forgive me my sins and the sins of my loved ones. May you bless all those who love and believe in your mercy. please heal and mend our broken hearts and place awareness and guilt on those who took advantage of love and kindness. May c wake up and face the truth of what he has done and that I was the one he hurt. may he be the one to suffer instead of me and take me out of misery and sadness.

May you help me to believe that love doesn’t go ungranted, for I should be the one who gets to move on and be happy while he sits and cries for forgiveness. I have helped this man succeed to where he now is just so he could give it to someone else, I stood by him through the bad times so that he could share the good times with someone else, I have dedicated four years believing we would be together to find out I was just a stepping stone. please lord my God stop letting good people suffer and those who hurt us live free of guilt. reward the good and punish the bad. I ask this in Christ our Lord Amen
I ask why does he get to find someone and I don’t
why does he make money now and spend it on her and had nothing when he was with me
why does he get to live a life I helped him build and not reward me in anyway shape or form.
why is this fair and why doesn’t God take it away, for he is ungrateful and has used and manipulated people, I know God you don’t take prayers that would hurt others, but sometimes people have to hit rock bottom to see who was there at the beginning and who would be there in the end. Amen

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