May we love, respect, honor, consider and be faithful to one another

by Bernadeth (Manila, Philippines)

My good Lord,

I know you have seen me long for James since the day he told me he don’t love me anymore. I know you have seen me fought for this love for him.

Regardless of how many times he pushes me away , I stayed. For one reason, I love him so
Much oh Lord.

He may not say he loves me too but seeing him
Everyday is happiness for me..

Lord, please fix my relationship with James.. Make a miracle in my heart that I may learn to forgive him for everything and likewise forgive myself for the words I’ve said that have hurt him.

May we learn to love , respect, honor, consider and be faithful
To each other.

May we learn to understand and lister my to each other’s unspoken needs. May we learn to accept each other’s flaws. May we learn now to forgive each other..

I ask all these in name of your son Jesus Christ and the intercession of st. Jude Thaddeus