May the Lord Jesus lead His Children Home

by A C (Usa)

May the Lord Jesus watch over His children who are called by His name. Tenderly He calls them to come to the water and drink from Living waters that flow from the side of the throne.

May the Lord Jesus guard His children with tender arms of mercy, and lead His children in the steps in which they are to go; to guide them ,and protect them as they roam over the land He has provided us. May the Lord Jesus always be their Shepherd, calling His sheep by name; never wanting them to ever wander away from Him, but always caring, and lovingly calling to them.

Seeking that none should stray; always calling them back to the fold; gathering them up in His sheepfold; carrying them over rough waters, and lovingly forgiving them when they fall. May the Lord Jesus always protect them and keep them from harm, and may the Lord Jesus bring them safely home to the Heavenly gate, up the stairway that leads to the Heavenly home, to the final resting place in the arms of Jesus in Heaven.

And may the Lord Jesus bring His children to the new promised land flowing with milk and honey, and walk on streets of gold and live in mansions of gold. May the Lord Jesus bring His children to the New Jerusalem being prepared for the children of God. Those who hear Him let them hear Him . Those who have eyes to see , let them see Him. Let all the children of God come to the waters for life. Come drink and be filled. God is calling His children , God is calling His children. Come Home. Come Home.

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