May I Get the job I am going to its interview on in March

by Tebogo (Johannesburg, South Africa)

Dear Heaveanly Father,

I am a sinner, but you never cease to bless me and forgive me, Lord, you know what is best for us, you know what blessing you have in store for us, as I board that plane on Wednesday to go for that interview, kindly Father, take the lead, put the right words in my mouth and heart, may your Wisdom that you blessed King Solomon with me be the same Wisdom you will instill in me, may I be the one who will be used by you in that company that you have paved way for me to go make a mark. May my efforts and will be recognised that I am going to bring valuable contribution to the organisation, let your Holy Spirit be my guidence, in Jesus’ name I believe you will bless me.


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