May God in His good grace and mercy, help all in sorrow and need.

My Divine Savior and Provider,

I evoke Your Holy Grace, I praise Your Holy name.
I thank You for my health, my loving family, and my temporary employment. I seek Your forgiveness for my sins, I ask for Your guidance through the darkness, I seek the light of Your glory. I have lived in darkness and the devil has stolen my wealth. I am in danger of losing my home and my bills have fallen behind. I see the same happening to others and pray for those who hurt more than myself. I seek salvation, not just money or luxury.

I don’t want to be lost in my selfishness. Allow me to help others. I confess my sins and weakness, and seek Your love and tender mercy. I ask in the name of Jesus, that all who read this prayer find refuge in Your generous love and kindness.
Let no man, woman, or child forget the ultimate sacrifice You gave to save us. The Blood of Jesus was shed on the cross to prove Your boundless love and infinite forgiveness. You cleansed us and promised You will never forsake us. Glory to God in His goodness and mercy. Praises to His name.
Thank You for what I have and will have. Protect me from loss, defend my soul from the evil one, and may You be ever present in my heart. Deliver me from my fears and sorrow. In the name of Jesus, I seek Your help financially, morally, and spiritually.

I do not have to beg; because You are capable, and know my needs better than I. I humble myself before You, and ask that You walk beside me until the day we meet. I name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.


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