Married life problems

by manasa ()

My sister Mounika is suffering with lot of health problems and she got married one year back but she’s not happy with her married life with her mother in-laws house number she’s bearing lot of troubles tensions worries kept by her mother-in-law father in-laws sister-in-laws. Mounika had 3sisterinlaws in that last one her name is Deepika she lives at my sisters house only pry her to go away from her mother-in-law house .entire work should be done by my sister Mounika only her mother-in-law won’t help her and kill her mentally and physically if she wont do work means according to them daughter in-laws means servant not daughter in-laws. Only for work seak de did marriage to his son. Even though her health condition is not supporting her to do work but she doing. After doing entire work alone also this people scolding her a lot. See her situation she have to do work and bear there word’s is very difficult her to live in mother in-laws house. Her mother-in-law father in-laws sister-in-laws are liers they will scold her and simply say we didn’t scold her. And there where bleming and portreting mounika as not doing anything any work in the house. Her mother-in-law father in-laws sister-in-laws are not satisfied by my sister Mounika work still there want her to do work. They were not human being animals in human flesh Jesus plz kill those animals destroy them if not those animals kill your daughter .they are acting people not genuine person. Behaving cruely towards mMounika. Even they won’t keep food. She’s facing lot of troubles tensions worries struggle kept by mother-in-law father in-laws sister-in-laws mentally and physically harassing by all this circumstance she going depression that automatically leads to health issues like spine pain in,sleeplessness,backpain,neckpain,bodypain,gasspain,recently she lost her pregnancy also headache legs pain 1month back she got covid hands pain body pains sickness .Jesus touch her give her a new body temple with no health problems and she wants to live a happy life. There is no freedom for her in that house. And lots of rules and regulations conditions restrictions by her mother-in-law father in-laws sister-in-laws. Relief her form mother-in-law family number tortures. So plz pry for her health deliverance healing from witchcraft and mother-in-law father in-laws sister-in-laws tortures. She’s crying a lot plz

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