married life happy forever prayer

by Raai (Moka)

please i’m helpless pray for me my boyfriend love me till my childhood but he is married and have a son but he love only me forever and we want to marry each other pray that his wife is very happy to make him be my husband pray that when i finished study in secondary college my boyfriend ask me to marry him and he came to my house and tell my mother that he wants to marry with me and my mother acc#ept his demand my mother gave my hand into my boyfriend hand forever ameen and his famillies and my famillies be very happy and accept our love,we love each other comminicate with each other,he loves me till my childhood and he told me about what he feel for me he love me so much,more than the hole world and we promised each other that we will marry with each other and i will see after his son and pray that his son love me too i love his son as my own son and i love my boyfriend forever,when i cry my boyfriend too cry with me,that way i love him nobody can love him like i do for him,he gave me all the thing that i want and when i not see him my heart hurts a lot i feel like crying pray that for me please and pray that we live together with each other and pray that we always meet each other at his place make me be his wife forever accept my prayers and bless me god thank you for your attention.