by Tj ()

i need prayers for me and my wife vilma ..shes being controled by a man name not mentioning his name i wish he would walk away n set her free forever and vice versa with him they both keep going to the past and he uses it as control and i wish other people would leave her alone i need my wife vilma back i miss her soo much i love her and the kids i wish she would trust me with our kids in commication i have a short temper and i ve made bad decisions i wish she would free herself from them and forgive me n give me a real chance ..also im campaigning for potlicial stuff and my boss is very important person i hope i do very well i truly believe in him and i hope we do very well i dont want any credit just hope my job in poltics does great for the destiny i always believed in succeeding into the hall of fame for my ultimate respect of my job in music career so my wife vilma n the kids would look at me on stage with a proud look on there faces .. This IS ALL URGENT AND VERY IMPORTANT i really need prayers on this i really want to do great to help my kids for school n college as well..


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