Marriage unfolded wrongly

by Kristen (Carson Ca)

Please help me father forgive my husband and not hold grudges help him to console me and love me as I forgive him for putting me in the worst situation a high school love could endure . Being married 4 years haven’t had a good year just bites and pieces . But even as I sinned I can’t help but to feel so lost all I want is restoration and for my babe to believe in me , I gave him a son left school and took care all the years and still is able to keep my family we don’t even live together which makes it hard to make up lil problems that emotional distance damage is causing . We’re 22 and I we can be doing so much better w r lives together if we was loving each other like before . Before the sining ah didn’t each other and the sneaky friends , I’m losing a good companion we was good together in areas I couldn’t walk he helped me stepped and when he felt low I protected him and had more knowledge of God to share . I’m so confused on what to do w my marriage I can’t see another man raising r son it’s not what feels right I woulfng even stay around so then that’s like more sinning , I just need to see a change that fighting for this marriage is a good thing it’s that can still be obtainable if God let me keep them . Then I feel because we sinned so much on r marriage I won’t get too . I filed a year ago or maybe two when a supposedly pregnancy but for sure rela was going on w my husband but didn’t go thru and we been off and off and on ever since . Now it’s like what we use to . I come from a good Christian home and his was broken men hiting women but he changed and his teachers and random ppl always complimented us on r rela and what a beautiful couple we r and keep family first and I’ve failed lord help meee pastor somebody I’m really confused I don’t wanna keep this lifestyle

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