Marriage to be restored, family to be healed and protected

by Anish (Chennai, India)

My wife has completely turned away from me though living under the same roof crying for divorce. We were such a beautiful family and now split within emotionally mentally and spiritually. She has refused touch, hugging, sex and all kinds of affection-sharing gestures between us and has become hard, cold and full of anger. Not sure if witchcraft, evil eye, voodoo, hexes or black magic was used against our family. In the mighty and most powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord, I surrender myself, Jessy and Chris and pray for all things that are evil and not from the kingdom of God to be reversed at once and replaced with blessings abundantly from God the Father. Abba, please forgive those who planned evil against our life, relationship and marriage. Bless our enemies and the ones who are going through a break. Abba, please heal us at once and bring us back together permanently. This we ask through Jesus Christ our Lord, who lives and reigns one God forever and ever. Amen