Marriage to be restored, family to be healed and protected

by Anish (India)

Our family is falling apart and my marriage and our bond. Our son Chris who is 12 is in pain because of the emotional and physical separation between me and my wife. I have hurt her and its my responsibility subjecting her to abuse physically, verbally, mentally and emotionally due to uncontrollable anger though I love her so much. I need her back in our life because she is the one chosen for me from eternity. I have broken marriage vows by hurting not just her but God the Father and have made recourse for it through a firm decision and have confessed my sins. I pray for deliverance of my wife Jessy and our family and for her to realize

that Jesus Christ is the only way to God the Father and the importance
of Catholic Faith. She has moved away from faith and doesnt believe in
marriage too. Lord Jesus Christ, please cover my family, especially
Jessy with your precious blood today and forever. Abba, Father please
have mercy on me and my family. Please keep my family away from danger
and anything thats remotely evil. Abba, Father please grant me my
marriage vows back that I had violated stupidly. Please Father as your
kid I am pleading to you for me to have my wife back with her love to
me restored to its former glory and respect me as her husband. I
respect her as my partner for life and believe that salvation should
be attained together as planned from eternity. In Jesus Christ, we ask
to you Abba.Our sexual life is affected badly as she does not allow me to even touch her and is in depression. I long to love her and just hug her which she is not allowing. Please pray for our marriage to be restored and for the family to be healed. I will never ever hurt my wonderful life partner again. Please, I beg you to pray. AMen – Anish John