Marriage Restoration/Reconciliation with my husband

I have caused a great hurt to my husband with my infidelity. I have since lived to regret and deeply remorseful. He is greatly hurt and has filed to divorce. I wish to sincerely reconcile and have been making efforts to mend the marriage however his heart has been shut off. I know he is determined to leave me and Lord, I implore you to heal him, and let him see my sincere heart and I ernestly pray for a reconciliation with him. He doesn’t believe the marriage can get back to what it was and I hope you will change and convince his thoughts and heart to feel the love we have for each other, to forgive and continue to rebuild the marriage together. Lord, I place our love and marriage in your hands that you will inspire our love and replace love with any ill will and thoughts he has of me and our marriage. Forgive me of my mistake and I have been living in pain and suffering daily.

I love you Lord.

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