Marriage Restoration

by Walter (VA)

Please pray for the restoration of my marriage. My wife has announced that she no longer wants to be married. I have recently learned (after 23 years of marriage) that I did not properly love and cherish her heart or lead the family as Jesus leads the church. Pray that God continues to transform me into the husband and father that my family needs. I am terrified for my two children (Jack age 13 and Ash age 11), that they will be traumatized by this, and it will affect them negatively the rest of their lives. I am terrified that my wifes heart is becoming bitter and that she is turning away from God, and I worry for her soul, since I caused this. I am desperate, and in despair. I do not know what to do, I trust in Jesus, but my faith that everything will turn out for the best is shaky. My wife is listening to those who counsel divorce (her parents), and others, may she stop listening to them, and see that we are bound by our children, and that it would be better for everyone to work on the marriage, than to spend all this energy (which is negative) fighting, and money that will take away from being able to send the children to college. I read that everyones lifestyle drops as a result of divorce, this is going to tear everyone apart more so than it already has. I pray for the salvation of my wife, children, in-laws and all who have been affected by this. Please let God direct my actions, thoughts, words, and deeds. I give myself to God, I just cannot see the good that will come out of this. Please help me.

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