Marriage Restoration

(United States)

Heavenly Father,

I come to you with a broken and tired heart. I truly believe that you joined my spouse and I together forever in holy matrimony. I pray that you will restore our marriage and bond us together the way that you always wanted us to be as one. Build our trust within our relationship. Heavenly Father guide us both regarding discernment that the ones that would see us apart do not have the union that you joined together in the best interest of their hearts, discernment of spiritual forces involved. Ex: lying spirits, spirits of confusion, unclean spirits of lust. Etc….., please allow the Holy Spirit to lead us in praying against the enemies of our union with God. Teach us that a wife is a gift from God, remind us that someone is trying to steal the gift of our marriage.Remove those from our lives that would do harm to our marriage. We give the battle to the Lord and He will give us our victory.