marriage restoration

by MICHAEL VALBUENA (Long Beach, Ca. U.S.A.)

PLEASE, pray for the restoration of our 6 yr. old marriage. I was in bondage to drugs and alcohol.

Now that GOD has delivered me from all that,she still won,t honor the commitment we made b-4 GOD. We also have a 4 yr. old together(Ezekiel).

Pray that GOD would soften her heart and fall into GOD’S will,I know GOD has a calling on our family.Also pray that she would stop listening to ungodly counsel.I really love her alot.And if it is not GOD will for us to remain together,then GOD take away any feelings and any determination for this marriage to work, so that I may be spiritually ready for what he has for me w/out her.

thank you! and AMEN.