Marriage Restoration and to soften my husband’s heart

by Cristine Lagrimas (Hong Kong)

Lord heal my marriage at all levels, heal the pain we have caused each other, heal our differences at all levels. restore my marriage at all levels. Remove arrogance ego pride and stubbornness from my husbands heart and fill with with love, humility, forgiveness, trust, honesty, faithfulness and mercy toward me.

Lord remove his bad friends brother, sisters and bad influences that attempt to break our marriage from his life. Break any woman and the mistress attempting to break our marriage remove them destroy them Lord. Blind my husband to other women, let him see me his wife in his eyes heart and soul.

Lord I beg you please keep my family together. Break any chains or curses that are holding me and my husband apart. Lord make my husbands goal to make me and our kids happy forever and to and share everything with me forever till death us do apart.

Make the love between me and my husband strong what you have put together let no one break. Lord hear my prayer, thank you Lord for answering my prayer. Amen

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