Marriage restoration and healing

by Merrime (Oakhurst)

I ask that you heal my spouses heart of the pain I caused due to immaturity, and not understanding the full ramifications of my actions at the time. You have since shown me the importance of the marriage covenant relationship, and that it is a lifetime commitment, and representative of our relationship with you. Please show him the same thing. Help us to realize the importance of each other, as well the importance of putting You first. I bind all forces that are preventing us from healing, and communicating in a loving and positive way. Help us to be the very best we can be for each other, and for you. Things have gotten complicated with our living situation, but I know you can simplify that as well. I thank you for restoring what was good, and healing what was wrong. In Jesus name, amen.

I also pray in agreement with others who are looking to restore and heal their relationship as well. Heal their heart and soul. As a society, help us all to make family a priority, with you as the head of it. Also help us to make good use of our “in the meantime” phase to become better people for ourselves, each other, those around us, and for you. Remind us to use this time wisely, and be of service to those around us, and not just self focused. Thank you_amen

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