Marriage restoration and for my husband to return home

by Sunita (Essex, UK)

Dear Lord, I pray that my husband I have been married to for four years will return to me. We have been attending church services since I miscarried last year and found great peace in your presence. We have been experiencing a spiritual warfare and pray for your protection and that you will bring my husband back home to me.

My husband found faith in you but needs saving from now entering a non-Christian home where his mother and brothers are encouraging my husband to divorce me quickly. I have cared for him so much and I ask dear Father God to save my husband from this influence and for him to stop dating single women.

Dear Father my husband has been on a dating website for a few months which I have only learned of recently and I am broken for I have helped him build his confidence from being very insecure to confident in his appearance. Dear Father please hear my prayer and give me strength.

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