Marriage Reconciliation

by Deanna (Corona, Ca)

Please come in agreement that the Lord will bring my husband home. I have been standing for 6 months and I will continue to stand until the Lord brings him home. I pray for strength, peace, and understanding for my daughter and i. Thank you Jesus for showing me forgiveness and unconditional love. I’m believing in your promises. I know you will bring my husband home and our marriage will be restored and you will be at the center of it I have Faith and I refuse to let the devil think/try otherwise. In your perfect timing Lord I’m believing please continue to work in our lives fix us Lord and make us new for one another. Work through my husband change his life around open up His eyes and remove the scales of the devil. Holy spirit fill him up with a new mindset and make him the person he was and even better. Remove the other woman from his life let my husband see and feel his sins of adultery and may he repent to you. Make him a man of you Lord I know he believes and trust in you Lord so please show him your miracles open up his heart and remove his pride, unforgiveness, all thoughts if sin and all evil. Please remove those chains of the devil off my husband and set him free. IJNIP Amen

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