Marriage losing it’s strength

Lord, My Savior,

I need your help Jesus to bring my marriage back to us. My husband has become so distant and emotionally abusive. He is acting selfishly and expects me to give all I have to him and his children, but he provides nothing for me. He is jealous of my adult son and any time I spend with him. He does attend church with me on occasion, but as far as I can tell, he is not a prayerful man and really gets annoyed anytime I speak of Jesus and my Faith in Him. I pray that the Lord will speak to his heart and mine and help us get back on track. We have only been married 3 years and I knew he was selfish when I married him but I made the mistake of thinking things would change. We have already been tested as a team, but only where we could see that I would stand by him in trouble, he has never been tested to see if he would stand by me.

In these troubled times, no one wants to be alone and I feel fortunate that God brought us together, and I do know that marriage is hard and has to be worked at, but I feel I’m working on my own here. I know that I can be a bit selfish as well, and I ask God to also help me in that area. I am not an abusive person, but I’m not a doormat either. Pray for us to remain in God’s love and peace.

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