Marriage issue

by Shruthi ()

I am in love with a person. After getting into the relationship got to know that he wants Hindu marriage but not catholic. His family is influencing him to get a Hindu wedding, and he grew tired. And I was almost thinking of giving up on our marriage. I don’t understand why he wants a Hindu wedding when his family since generations belongs to Catholics. Whatever the external factors are, I want the lord almighty to change his family members and his heart. I request the lord to convince him to have a catholic wedding wholeheartedly. I don’t want to force him to be catholic wed, and I cannot get into a Hindu marriage. Instead, I am ready to depart from him rather than going with a Hindu wedding. But I know nothing is impossible to the Lord. I surrender my life, my career, my marriage, and everything to the lord. I want him to take control of my things. I am too weak and too ignorant to work on my own. I want him to bless me with his wisdom. Help me to solve this problem. I want to marry him but in a Catholic wedding. Please help me and pray for this thing, mainly. I will try to support this ministry as much as I can.
Please, brothers and sisters, pray for me. Put me in your prayers. Nothing is impossible to God, and I know some miracle will happen. Take them, Lord, to you.
Change their hearts. Amen. Let your will be done but help us to be healthy and accept his will. I am depressed and in a deep rut. Help me and strengthen me before my mental health deteriorate. Praise the Lord. I am so sorry if I have done anything against you knowingly or unknowingly through my words, actions, or even thoughts. I am sorry for hurting my parents. Help us financially, lord. We are under loans and economically low. Help us, and I am scared of what if the boy’s family looks down at my parents as we have nothing to afford. I put everything in front of you. Please solve them. I rely on you lord entirely.

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