Marriage infidelity

by Bekky (CA)

I am ashamed, embarrassed and heartbroken to admit I’ve had an affair before and during my marriage. My husband found out and we are going to talk to Farher tomorrow morning. He said the only reason he hasn’t left me is because God is involved. I have sinner, turned my back to God, ignored his signs and calling me I have strayed so far off the path He has set for heart and soul have been black, selfish, disgusting. Buti am at the lowest point of my life I feel dead inside a living body but I have prayed and opened my heart to God and his love and guidance. He is making me stronger I can feel it in my heart. I have changed my number and will never speak to the person again. I just want one chance to please prove myself to my husband that I can earn even a tiny but of trust and love and respect back even if it takes years to earn a smidgen back I will. He is the most amazing man and I cannot believe I did this. Even if it is not gods wish for us to remain married I will become a better person, better daughter to God I am just begging Him to put into my husbands heart one chance to prove myself. Please keep me, him and our marriage in your prayers and I am praying for all the posts I’ve read on here. Thank you for reading and God bless.

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