Marriage in need of salvation

by James (California)

Heavenly Father, Please hear and answer the prayers of this repentant sinner. I walk in faith with You and stand on Your word and Your promises. My wife left me several months ago and filed for divorce. We both are at fault but her infidelity is what drove her away in the end. I pray that You would cast out the spirit of shame and rebellion that has entered her and driven her away from both You and the marriage You ordained for us. Fill her heart with remorse, love, and forgiveness both for herself as well as for me. Remind her in whatever way she will hear or see that there is still a great love between us and that it is both strong and worth fighting for. I pray that as I stand that You would be with me, that You would give me strength and encouragement when I need it. Lord You are mighty and glorious. You are the sovereign Lord of my life. I humble myself before You and ask in the name of Your son Jesus Christ that You hear and answer these prayers.

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