Marriage in crumbles

by Cyn (CT)

God, please forgive my sins. I love you and I know I’m nothing without you. My marriage is in danger, my family means so much to me. I’m not perfect Lord I have my flaws but I want what’s right. I don’t know but you know. Please give me peace and the strength to handle anything that comes my way, with you all things are possible.

Nothing is impossible for you Lord. If it’s your will please restore my family. Please shine the light on me & please shine the light to my husband. Give me wisdom Lord & temperance, understanding, love like you love me. Help me control my temper and restrain my tongue. I revoke in the name of your son Jesus who died for my sins any guilt feeling and thoughts I revoke my marriage failure.

Please calm my heart and my mind so that I can do the tight thing. Show me the path Lord, all I see is darkness and I’m in the midst of turmoil, rescue me Lord, rescue my soul. God in Jesus name I declare everything will fall in place and nothing outside your will will touch my family, marriage and me. The devil has me trapped but you came to rescue the sinners, forgive their sins and restore and that’s what you’re doing in my home, in my heart, in my husband’s heart, my children and me.

Let me lay and fall in a profound and peaceful sleep so that I may wake up in the morning and tend to my duties. God bring him home with a new heart a renew love and kindness. Forgive me Lord for all my sins. I don’t want to sin again. I ask you for this in the name of Jesus In God I trust this is already done. Amn!

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