Marriage help and trust rebuilding

by Cynthia (Fl)

For God to hear my prayer for my marriage for my husband who is my rock  to trust me again for God to show him how he is the only one I love and  trust with my life and that his love and our marriage and our children have changed my life without them my world would be broken for God to save our marriage and forgive and forget the mistakes I have made I only want to show him all the love I have for him and our children and without him  none of this matters he makes me whole prayers that my husband give me one last chance to show him I have changed. He is my world for God to change his heart and work with me to wipe my mistakes away and make our relationship better than it ever has been I don't want him to think I take us or our marriage for granted

For God not to take my blessing away for him to believe in us enough to fight for our marriage and children

For God to show my husband that leaving us is not the way to fix the mistakes ,when the love is still there so why does he think that's the right answer for his heart to be softened and hear and see my love for him