Marriage Blessing

by Christine (Kajang)

Dear Jesus, I am 35 years old and you know all my struggles with getting the right partner. the guy that who is my fiance now is not rich or wealthy yet i chose him cause i wanted to save his soul and bring him to yoiu rather then get anything else. It has been a year we’ve been engaged and were scheduled to get married on the 9th of July this year but it never did took place, then again he postponed it to Jan 2012 and now its not going to take place either all this due to financial difficulties. Lord I want you to pour your blessing on both of us so that the wedding will take place. He has been looking high and low for loans but couldnt get any. I just wish someone would be sent his way to help him or somethig will happen so that our wedding will take place before May 30th 2012. I also pray that all problems with my house purcahse will also be solved ASAP. Thank you Lord in Jesus name I submit and pray about this. I know it has already been answered. Thank you Jesus

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