by Baptiste ()

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

I pray that Rachel finds her faith, her zeal, her love, her E, her joy, that we can re-engage, remarry DQP, marry, be attracted, receive, that the Lord re-unites the families, weddings, churches!! I pray that she will return to church and serve, sanctify and consecrate, be born again, be baptized SE, pray in tongues, and all of our loved ones!! May every F love his M!! May all men love and adore You, be interested, ask, convert, love/respect/support/listen to us, confess TN!! Help us not to put ourselves LDS, never F or M, us E/E, to harden, to teach, to fast as much as possible, to loosen the bonds!! Subdue Us, Heal Hearts/B/O!! Help us with the H, DP and E, reintegrate! May our loved ones know you and be saved DQP, seek your face, read and love your Word / C (B, C, GBU, R, N, P, P, C, M, V, LS, Q, M, F, A, SB, Ah, WU, EMCI, ADJ, H, S, DDEC, E, A, AD, J, A, M, B, A, L, B, L, LP, M, FH, U, R, G, LL, FA, HA, R, B, L, K, S, U, B, N, I, T, SL, J, C, GP, others, T, Y, T, D, P, A, E79, SS, C, E, ES, M, H, M and M, Y, ISFEC, H, E, MR, L, M, R, B, N, V, IE, DA, E, A, L, EP, A, CNED, R, PE, D, B, Mika, E Monte, housing, IB, A, IBG, EUA, EDC, B, CSC, SP, SC, L, F, CL, E, CNED, A , D, G, L, F, principals, university, employers, F, H, EP, L, C, B, W, Wes, U/R, R, M, Mo, M, C, B, B, D , L, N, G, BK, Mcdo, Aecm, Caef, AB, Cnef, ADD, Baptists, GP, G/I/V, C…), heal us, help us with fear,!! Help us with EDA, TV, C and D, J23, 24, flatten NV, write mail, QTLPT, always give us DZ, TP, PET, your J, your grace, your P, your L your D, your A , your B!! May all men support us and be slow to C!! Heal backs, shoulders, D, gout, D, S, S, others, MDT, Covid… Give us the LDE, from BN and help us with LP and LT!! Help us with the T, not to eat indigeneously / for free, to change diet, that everyone honors his p and m!! Let everyone enter into their gifts, their call/destiny!! Change TELC, laws (telephone), make miracles in our lives, secularism, programs, help us with worldliness and adultery, TAF!! Help the greedy, help us with the MEs, at VTNB!! I pray for the avengers, let the wrath work, may the CAG men accept our fasts/DD fasts, may the glory of the second!! Help us with the E, to pray for each other, that people welcome and accept us, TDT!! Heal, bless, strengthen and save all the sick, homeless, parishes, employers, civil servants, A, L, E, J, teenagers, enemies/adversary!! Let no one PP, help us with the judiciary and the administration, give us good C and E, good, seasons, years, days, weeks, meals!! Let everyone pass from BV!! Let people visit us, transfigure us, change us!! Help us to wait 30 years and 300 years, Maranatha, with the throats!! Let all men sow and water, confess their sins to one another, do not disobey!! Help us get back to school and redo internships, please for the weak, H, MC, CC, liars, FT, R, F, P, O, persecuted, homeless, foreign widows, orphans!! Let every D have its M, sanctify us, consecrate us, fill our tanks, lower the cost of living/bless our finances and C!! Help us with the persecution, help the EU and the EP, all the saints!! Give us good material, PC, V, car, accommodation, translations, DEH favor!! Help us with the TLD, the rejection, the slanders, judgments, backbiting!! May all men be born again, fast, change and be baptized, baptized in the Holy Spirit, bend the knee and repent, may all men pray in tongues and interpret, serve, send workers into your harvest (ATP), to praise (P, G…) !! Let the BPs answer!! Give us a CP, may men love you and love your praise, your word, your church!! Help us get the books, go to B/C, to J, to E, to USA, to A, with 2C12. Give us A’s, lots of D’s and DDG’s, prophecies, miracles!! May men accept/welcome us, PDS, DDP, help us with rejection, give us good EDTs and help us with CM!! Bless and save LP!! Let there be UR, help us not M!! Help the M, C, A!! May TLH become mature Christians!! Help us with the P, S, A, I, paralysis, S, S!! Let everyone practice their LDA, be convicted of sin!! May he confirm S and P and speak to all men, reassure all hearts!! Bless and save strengthen all your servants, C, A, PED, E, P, P… I pray for the V, H, M, help us to be TTH !! Help us to pass our S1, M1, M2, C, E, S, TADE, help us to be strong in EPS, in F, HG, M, M, S, P, AP. Help us with the Covid, the laws, immorality, instability, intemperance, conflicts and quarrels, jealousy, sin!! May the Lord keep, strengthen and bless you richly!!

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