by Regina watters ()

I come to you tonight about my husband and I, his abuse (verbally). He has words to hurt me, anger, treating, and hateful behavior. I am so lost, he says he will get even with me if I make him leave, I am not safe, no freedom, I am afraid to make him leave to what he is going to do. He takes control, he stays at home, I am the working spouse. He will sit on the couch, he will wash the dishes and sweep the house, but leave yard work to me, he try’s to play it off so he looks like he is helping me, not really. I can’t take it anymore, I am seriously trying to be free from it all,but scared what he is going to do, he says he will get even with me and my family. I don’t know what to do next but put it in Gods hands, he is constantly trying to get me, and he says he is going to stay, both one is taking him out of the house or my life. He loves me, and tells me that, gets mad if I don’t sit on the couch with him , I just want to be free. Be in God hands, and him in my heart always. I am afraid of him hurting my mom, I can’t cry he calls me a baby, I am at the point I don’t want him to touch me. Take him out to the store, I tell him we need to wait on buying, he gets mad and starts a seen, just to embarrass me . I am getting so many Bill’s, he says handle it, you pay, you wanted the bill, he will not help me pays Bill’s. God set me free. I love you Lor .

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